Monday, March 28, 2011

i know, you guys won't believe me.

tank, vintage

mid-skirt, rafika

bag, my sister's

clogs, 13th shoes


an old lady

so i bought this mid-skirt at Rafika Last Tuesday :b hahaha my motto: "i like it. i want it. i'm buying it." i like this skirt because of the color and the buttons. <3

and .... thanks a lot to 13th shoes for the clogs :)) it only took a night to ship this clogs. i like the color of the clogs its in between pink and peach. cool.

Rain Coat

i was hangin' out with my boyfie when i bought this kitty Rain Coat. Kak Dee bikin gue pengen banget beli Rain Coat :))

abis beli bukannya pulang malah nongkrong di Mcd bareng semuanya :)) i felt happy. really.

Especially for Dorothy S.

well, i made this post especially for Dorothy :))

Maxi Dress, Unbranded

Belt, Dorothy Shop

Heels, I'm A @ Singapore

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

i'll fly.. really...

i don't know what to say. so let teh photos explain....

Unbranded pink blazer.
unbranded midi polkadot dress.
retail therapy multicolor clogs.

one day....

Well, hello everyone! its been ages since i last posted sumthin' here. but now here i am... confuse... bout what major should i take in uni. i'm not so sure bout F-D.. im bad at drawing (psssh)....... what do you think? :s