Thursday, June 2, 2011

marmalade orange

hi guys! sorry for the lack of post. ive been trying to upload my photos here but i cant even upload any of it. but everything's back to normal right now. i went to jakarta last wednesday and this is my outfit.

hat - mazee fX / top & midi skirt - Down Memory Lanes / mary jane - June & Julia

btw, i did some photoshoots in local photo studio here in batam and i just received the result of the editing session last week. i'll post them on here (hopefully) tomorrow. xoxo


  1. love this look so much :)
    and i love outfit :)
    esp i love the top and the skirt <3
    and you look pretty dear :)


  2. what a great combo, you look so cute, how old are you actually?
    just first time visit your blog, i love how you play with your outfit ^^

  3. hi anti! thanks for reading my blog. im 16 goin 17 ;))

  4. hey dear, you look so colorful. nice skirt. your blog remind me of diana rikasari's :)

  5. Hello there dear! How are you doing? Congrats on your blog is really cute. I love your posts and outfits. I guess you take the pics on your own room, am I right? I think you should do them outside. So you can have different lightning and background of your shoots. Anyway just my opinion. Would you like to follow each-other?
    xoxo Kiki

  6. lisa dan karina: thank you love!
    kiki's book of dream: yep i did that in my own room. yes! ive to do some outdoor shoot sometimes i know its pretty boring to see the same background in every post. thanks anw! ;)

  7. oooh i lovve your marmalade blouse, the collar is so cuuute xx misstea & co.

  8. not just amazing colours... the whole outfit is great!!!

  9. If I was to give a definition for the word "cute", you would be the definition.

    How awesome are your yellow vibes and your adorable skirt?

  10. love the collar details. cute

  11. Hello! your style is so gorgeous!! Btw, lets be friend and follow each other! would you mind to exchange link with me?

  12. I so love this!!! every single piece is amazing from the shoes to the skirt and that lovely orange shirt!!! perfectly accesorized with that beret!


    p.s. chekc out the post about my mom as style icon and let me know what you think

  13. Soo cute! love the bold color combo

  14. cute skirt , love .
    I really crave that one ..

    and bdw check my blog

    ohh yeah do u have twitter?


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