Sunday, July 10, 2011

lost, in my own mind.

 just got back from singapore yesterday. yup, i spent my holiday there with Stephanie (i'll probably post about my holiday here when the connection's back to normal.) jsyk, i've been trying to make a post but the connection was bad :( so here are some photos of my today's outfit..

 the top is from Bangkok, and the pants are from L&K, necklaces are from Stradivarius, the Clogs are from Retail Therapy.

btw, i got new haircut!! how's my new bangs? what do you think?
i've been lusting for this kind of bangs for like quite some time and today i feel brave enough to cut it and i think i look like a 13yo girl ._. 

ps: do i look like a 13yo girl? ._.


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