Monday, October 10, 2011

Gyaru Inspired

As I told you on my previous post. I'm gonna make a post about Gyaru Style. First, you need to to know what Gyaru is. Gyaru (ギャル?is a Japanese transliteration of the English word galthat of girl being gaaru (ガール?). It is now used almost interchangeably with kogyaru. Its basically all fashionable and stylish girl in Japan. Japanese Gyaru is widely known for their heavy make up, fashionable clothes, bleached hair, and tan skin.
Actually, I don't really like seeing a girl with heavy make up :p Well, I'm just doing this for fun. 

Here we go.... the very first time I tried Gyaru Inspired make up :)

I've tried this Gyaru make up thingy 3 times, but I'm just gonna post the first time and the third time photos.
well, I didn't even bother to use eyeshadows (i look like i've been punched a hundred times lol). The only thing I tried to achieve was only a bigger eyes, and yes I got it. Big dolly eyes *wink-wink*.


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  2. aww you looks so cute dear , love your awesome dress , maybe i will try it sometimes :D

  3. Love the make-up and the doll eyes, very Gyaru indeed, you look so adorable in these photos :)


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  4. you look so cute :) loving your headband :DD check out my blog if you have time :D


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