Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! i know its too late but i hope you guys understand, since i've been feeling so lazy to take my outfit photos using tripod and if I'm using a tripod, the background of the photos will be my room and its gonna so boring to see my outfit photos with my pinky room as the background right. So today, as what I've planned. I went to Ocarina with Kusno and Joice. They're so cute and thanks to them i can finally update my blog. lol. anyway, look at my new short hair. what do you guys think? do i look like Tiffany? lol no. I'm just kidding ;P Today I'm wearing a dress from Bonvieux. Lovely, yes? Bonvieux is a Vintage Store created by Claradevi and Anglaina. They got lots of good vintage stuffs and the ship Worldwide! yay! check out their WebStore here.

dress - Bonvieux / shoes - Decimal Shoes / necklaces&rings - Forever21 / bag - bangkok / hat - random

(all of the photos above are take by Joice, check out her tumblr here)




So, here are some of the my photos that i posted on instagram. I don't know why, but i just love instagram, they got cool filters. if you guys got instagram, make sure you guys check out my photos there @gabriellaolivia. shankyewww :3

(well, actually we took like a gazillion photos but I'm not going to upload it here, maybe you guys can check out my Facebook page here)

much love,

Gabby <3


  1. KAWAII neeee!! All stuff, from top to toe! You're a brilliant fashion blogger!
    Ah I think I should try those kind of outfits hmmm, since am still young hehehehe, well actually forever young 'in heart' hihihi..

    Merry Christmas once again Olive,

    Have a greatttt holiday!

    Keep blogging, cos I always wait for the new one


  2. you are so pretty! ><
    love your mix and matching :)

  3. thank you olivvv, its my pleasure if i can hang out with you. but Im a little quiet, and I am afraid you will bored with me .. hehee

    cute dress and shoots btw.. awwww youre soo pretty and cute like korean..

  4. Love the dress! And you are so pretty <3

  5. love your dress and hat gab, they are so pretty just like you <3


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