Friday, December 30, 2011


today's december 30th alr. tomorrow's 31st, yup time flies so fast. btw, have you guys made your new year resolution yet? i've made a list  of mine :) such as, getting skinnier and prettier, pass national examination lol. I'm going to miss 2011, I've learned a lot, too much good and bad things happened this year. 2011 is a year to remember :')

D-I-Y inner / top - Zara / skirt - Brownplatform's booth / random necklaces / shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Kusno & Joice

editing by Me via Instagram (i've told youu!!! i love instagram :p)

much love,

Gabby <3

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! i know its too late but i hope you guys understand, since i've been feeling so lazy to take my outfit photos using tripod and if I'm using a tripod, the background of the photos will be my room and its gonna so boring to see my outfit photos with my pinky room as the background right. So today, as what I've planned. I went to Ocarina with Kusno and Joice. They're so cute and thanks to them i can finally update my blog. lol. anyway, look at my new short hair. what do you guys think? do i look like Tiffany? lol no. I'm just kidding ;P Today I'm wearing a dress from Bonvieux. Lovely, yes? Bonvieux is a Vintage Store created by Claradevi and Anglaina. They got lots of good vintage stuffs and the ship Worldwide! yay! check out their WebStore here.

dress - Bonvieux / shoes - Decimal Shoes / necklaces&rings - Forever21 / bag - bangkok / hat - random

(all of the photos above are take by Joice, check out her tumblr here)




So, here are some of the my photos that i posted on instagram. I don't know why, but i just love instagram, they got cool filters. if you guys got instagram, make sure you guys check out my photos there @gabriellaolivia. shankyewww :3

(well, actually we took like a gazillion photos but I'm not going to upload it here, maybe you guys can check out my Facebook page here)

much love,

Gabby <3

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jakarta Day 3

knitwear - stradivarius / skirt - brownplatform's booth / shoes - forever21 / bag - fossil

Just another quick daily outfit post. So, this is what i wore when i was still in Jakarta last Sunday.




Anyway, my package from Bonvieux has arrived! yayness! its a very cute dress, can't wait to wear it <3

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jakarta Day 2

So yeah, right after I left Ninotchka last Saturday, we went back to the hotel  to clean up  etc. Then, I decided to visit @theGOODSdept and actually their 1st Anniversary also fell on that day, what a coincidence.

top - H&M / skirt&shoes - Brownplatform's booth 

and yeah, I met Arnold Teja :3 he's so cute and his outfit was simple yet awesome and looked really good on him. i really wanted to take a picture with him but I'm just too shy but, thanks to Mey... i finally got a pict of myself with Arnold ;P




and here's our dinner @theGOODScafe. yummy :9

and yup the last picture is me with my new hair. :P some people said it suits me, its cute, they even said that i look like SNSD's Tiffany, >.< and i was like "hell no...."  but still.. thank you guys! just by saying i look like Tiffany it means that you're saying I'm pretty right? lol no i'm just kidding, i'm nothing compared to her. Anyway, I love my new hair like so much! (makasih ya yg udah ngasih saran bust potong pendek >.<).

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Autumn Wipe Out // Ninotchka

Final Exam is finally over and yeah I attended Autumn Wipe Out - Bloggers Garage Sale at Ninotchka last Saturday, accompanied by Mitha from Letters to Juliet and Mey from Girl with Plastic Camera. Ninotchka is a must-visit Cafe and a really nice place to hang out with your friend, they got a lot of nice foods! especially their Choco Lava Cake, UberYummy!

(i look so fugly omg, don't look at my face, look at ci anas's instead)

me with Lalita Tian

sstt.. i shopped quite a lot at Autumn Wipe Out ;P more photos coming soon <3

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Preppy Collar

dress - PYT / shoes - Jeffrey Campbell / bag - gifted

another quick outfit post ;)

its finally Saturday everyone! how's your weekend? mine is pretty good, gonna catch happy feet2 in a bit >.<