Saturday, December 29, 2012


Unbranded ripped top, skirt, satchel, bracelets, and cap. Jewel Rocks necklaces, Jeffrey Campbell studded sneakers.

What I wore to go to One Piece a few days ago for hair treatment hehe I love holidays >_< because i have more time to pamper myself lol I don't have anything to share right now except I'm drooling over these two babies down below, but I don't know which one to get. What do you guys think? Which one suits me? :) 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nerd Puppy

Say hello to my mom ;D
Traffic tank top, New Look shorts, Pretty Young Things outerwear, Chanel backpack, Underground creepers, Kimilatta Necklace and Bracelets.

Hi everyone! Merry Christmas ;D how's your holiday going? Mine's pretty good. My mom bought me a super cute tank top last night. It's just so cute and comfortable and goes well with many outfits. Anyway, I received a package from Kimilatta right after Christmas, thank you so much. I really love their hand-made jewelry collection, very colorful and pretty. LOVE! Check out their Facebook page here and Instagram page here

I received this cute illustration of me this morning. It's just so cute and so me! Why? #1 (ofcourse) Blonde Hair #2 Pink Background (You guys know how much i love pink right?) #3 Spikes headband. Thank you so much Calita Hin who made this ultra cute illustration for me :D

Monday, December 24, 2012


Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 5 - please excuse my make-up-less face ._.
Favorite Clutch from Level 77th =)

Hi guys! I just got back from bangkok yesterday hehehe bangkok was amazing as usual >_< if you guys follow me on instagram or twitter you guys should've known that I bought lots of stuff from Bangkok ;D vacation before christmas was just a perfect timing, SALE EVERYWERE!!!! yayness! well, I want to share a funny story here, I went to a market(fashion market i should say) and the shopkeepers keep asking me "where are you come from?" I said, I'm from Indonesia and she was like "I thought you're korean or japanese, you're so cute" (I put on my make-up and circle lens on that day) and she said "I'll give you a special price lha just for you lovely girl" omg and it wasn't happen only in one shop but almost every shop hehehehe *grins*.... cut the crap! I just wanna say thank you to Make-Up lol if it wasn't my make-up and I wouldn't get special price.. tee-hee! =) *slapped*

Saturday, December 22, 2012


H&M vest worn as shirt, Lovicious daisies jumper, Patrick Owen Spiked neon pants, Jeffrey Campbell Denim Madame Spike, Zatchels bag, Céline audrey. 

Another scheduled post, when you guys read this post, I probably still in Thailand, chillaxing on Siam with my mom, having a good shopping time :b Please excuse my black roots-,- (I feel like dying my hair back to black or at least brown, kinda bored with this color.)
I wore this outfit on my last day of final exam, I did my best alr, I hope I could pass 1st term with a good score >_~ Anyway, I just realized that this neon pants really matched my heels, it looks so nice together hehe

Thursday, December 20, 2012


stupid pose ;b
Platform jumper and skirt, Dr. Martens boots, Zatchels satchel bag, ebay badboy-goodgirl snapback. 

This is a scheduled post hehehe I'm on holiday now! No more sleepless night because of assignments and papers, now I finally have a time for me, to chill, shop, blog and sleep ._. nyehehe Those who's following me on twitter and instagram should've known that I'm in Thailand right now, with my mom, spending time together, just the two of us :') 
Well, I learned something during the final week, when you're having a hard time, something good is right behind it. I had a really hard time during final week, tired, too many drama in my life, assignments, and exam papers. Then, after that I received so many good news that makes me happy, believe me, when something bad happen, be tough, something good is waiting for you ;D

Monday, December 17, 2012


Lovicious jumper, unbranded skirt and backpack, Artbox cap and socks, Kenka jelly oxford.

Nothing much to say. I love this skirt and backpack so much. period.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lazy Friday

unbranded top and skirt, New Look boots. 

Thank God final week is coming to an end. Just a few papers left then 1st term is over. yay! Lack of sleep because of too many assignments and quiz but I have to wake up early in the morning to attend morning classes. It's really tiring :') I'm actually still working on my final project while writing this post. I barely sleeps these days.... and I always feel sleepy... I feel like a zombie :| kay then, cut the crap.. hope you guys have a good Sunday! bye! ;)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Black Cat

Bonvieux dress, Kenka jelly oxford shoes, Platform kitty bag, Lovicious iPhone case.

This is what I wore last night to attend a wedding party. I was too lazy to wear heels last night so I just wore my current favorite oxford shoes from Kenka. The dress is from Bonvieux which I really love. 
I got this lovely iPhone case from Lovicious, a combination between pink and mint is always lovely. I really really love it >_< If you're looking for cute phone cases, follow their Instagram here ;D