Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Believe In the Power of Make-Up

so yeah, i didn't have much time to do an outdoor outfit shots these past few days. I'm being so unproductive lately, idkw-_-




it's been a long time since i last posted about make-up here in my blog. now here it is. my latest make-up experiment lol. what do you think? well, some people might think that I'm fake whatsoever, but my dear... every girl in this world want to look pretty or at least to look good. its okay to call me fake or whatever but calling me fake won't make you real anyway :)

 i used:

- Candy Doll Liquid Foundation

- Candy Doll mineral powder

- Etude House blusher

- Dolly Wink false lashes no. 2(upper lashes)

- Dolly Wink false lashes  (lower lashes)

- Dolly Wink eyeshadow #1

- Candy Doll in apricot beige lipstick

- Baviphat lipgloss

- Lens [mibuki 19.2mm in gray]

[".....2months to go to NATIONAL EXAMINATION.... and hell yes..... I DONT HAVE TO ATTEND MORNING CLASS EVERY WEEKDAY ANYMORE!!!!! therefore, i'll have more time to update my blog. yay! :p wish me luck on my exam, yes? <3"]




  1. looks better with your make up girl
    and congrats of your winning in brown platform giveaway

  2. aww dearr, are you into gyaru style now??<3
    I dont think you look fake, it just an experiment after all xD, ignore all harsh commentsss

    Btwww, can I give a comment? I think you did a good job dear, it just your eyebrow make the whole look, look a bit weird, try use an eyebrow mascara if you wear a brown wig, aanndd I think you should fill you upper waterline and put darker eyeshadow on the edge of your lower eyes xD, just to make it moree natural ^^
    Don't worry you still loookkkk pretty :*

  3. yup :$ thank you so much for the advice ci. i'll try it on my next experiment :p <3

  4. am i right? u are using a wig?
    and yeah, i also believe in the power of make up

  5. your so cute dear <3 <3

    is it your real hair or wig? :p you are so korean / japanese. <3 <3

    Btw, i follow youur blog, mind to follow me back? Thanks a lots <3


  6. hahaha... everything in this world are fake, if they say make up is fake
    like what I've always said to everyone, if they prefer natural, dont shave their armpit hair, dont brush their teeth, dont do facial to remove blackheads and heal acne, blablabla!!

    the only natural one is probably Adam and Eve lol

  7. You're so pretty Gab! :) I love this post ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ?

  8. oh my gabyyyyy you look like ullzang and korean girl!! Your face and your hair hahahahha love it so much <3

  9. gabeh kamu cantik sekali! nanti kayak gini ya ke airport, lol diliatin atas bawah deh seperti kata mei. and who dares calling you fake? step my dead body first ;D goodluck for UAN gabyyy, FIGHTINGGGG~~

  10. congrats for winning brown platform give away ?
    you look like a barbie doll here ?
    did you just colour your hair?

  11. You look super adorable! <3<3 awwww how sweet can you be! Good luck with your exams sweetie. ;] X

  12. LOVE YOUR BLOG <33
    i'm following you
    mind to follow back? :)

  13. you look awesome , like a korean girl anyway :D
    good luck for your national examination ^^

  14. You look so adorable!! Love the lashes!! And I just looove your style! You have tons of amazing shoes. Just love it. Can't wait to read more! ;) So, following! Hope you would drop by mine sometime. ;)

    Hugs and kiss kiss,


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