Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Believe In the Power of Make-Up

so yeah, i didn't have much time to do an outdoor outfit shots these past few days. I'm being so unproductive lately, idkw-_-




it's been a long time since i last posted about make-up here in my blog. now here it is. my latest make-up experiment lol. what do you think? well, some people might think that I'm fake whatsoever, but my dear... every girl in this world want to look pretty or at least to look good. its okay to call me fake or whatever but calling me fake won't make you real anyway :)

 i used:

- Candy Doll Liquid Foundation

- Candy Doll mineral powder

- Etude House blusher

- Dolly Wink false lashes no. 2(upper lashes)

- Dolly Wink false lashes  (lower lashes)

- Dolly Wink eyeshadow #1

- Candy Doll in apricot beige lipstick

- Baviphat lipgloss

- Lens [mibuki 19.2mm in gray]

[".....2months to go to NATIONAL EXAMINATION.... and hell yes..... I DONT HAVE TO ATTEND MORNING CLASS EVERY WEEKDAY ANYMORE!!!!! therefore, i'll have more time to update my blog. yay! :p wish me luck on my exam, yes? <3"]



Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blue Lace

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" I could've been a princess, you'd be a king

Could've had a castle and wore a ring

But nooooo, you let me gooooo"

dress - bonvieux / bag - topshop / unbranded necklace / ring - pair-a-dice / shoes - decimal

most of these pictures are candid picts lol. anyway, i love my new dress from Bonvieux (again). I just can't get enough of their collection! >.< you guys should check them out! <3



Sunday, February 19, 2012

Before It Explodes

"And just let it go…

And stop the madness

Before it explodes

Before it's out of our control

Let's stop the madness before it explodes

We gotta let it go

Before it all explodes...."

my outfit: outerwear - onlyi /necklaces - topshop / ring - Yves Saint Laurent / shirt(worn as a dress) - Zara / Shoes - Ulin

Just another quick outfit post, which were taken a week ago with Mey. omg look at my face, i look so fugly and fat >.<

some people said that i look so girly recently and i was like "Nawww"-__- look at these photos. not girly at all :p no i don't really do trends and style. i wear what i want to wear. i can sometimes be cute&girly, boyish&edgy the other day, and looking vintage the next day. unpredictable. i usually dress-up based on my mood. lol. don't be shock if someday you'll find me in a coffee shop with boyfriend's shirt and shorts with converse. :P well, its late alr. goodnight everyone! enjoy your weekend~



Friday, February 17, 2012

jeans on jeans

{I used to think that we’d run away
Whenever, pretty summer day
I remember when you would say
“We'd be ok, come what may”
I never knew you would lie to me
Took everything from inside of me
Your silhouette in the doorway
But before you walk away

Just say goodbye, look in my eyes
So that I always will remember
Frozen in time, always be mine
Baby boy you’ll be young forever
I’ll be over here, you’ll be over there
I’ma shed a tear but I really don’t care
Frozen in time, always be mine
Baby boy you’ll be young forever}

This is what i wore last sunday, a simple zara shirt paired with H&M jegging and  Chris from Decimal Shoes.



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New In: Korean Stuffs, Accs, and Online Shopping [haul]

as what I've told you in my previous post here, i went to singapore last saturday with my mom and bought quite lots of clothes and accs :p so yeah, this is my first haul post. I'm NOT showing-off whatsoever, some people actually requested to see my haul so, I'm posting this up. Enjoy!

went to Sephora to find mint/mod aqua nail polish matte-finish top coat but ended up buying those 3 gorgeous colors + soap&glory body butter.

Korean brand union jack outerwear.

Korean brand cardigan ang ruffle skirt. (my favo)

another korean brand shorts. yup it's a shorts not a skirt :p

anoooother korean brand outerwear. its pink, beaded, with collar. *lovestruck*

-__- another korean brand cardigan.

beanie! yay. i love beanie, this cute beanie is from (yeah)korea. lol. Korean stuffs are my new addiction, wtf.

union jack clutch! been searching for this clutch like all over the internet but found nothing. then, my mom accidentally saw this shuiit at bugis street only for 10++sgd. yay!

these two necklaces are also from Korea (",)




and..... my package from Pair-a-Dice has arrived! yay! :D

Pair-a-Dice is an online shop own by a friend of mine, they're selling fashionable & affordable accessories!

look at their cute packaging!

this ring is my favorite! :D

anyway, if you're interested to purchase any of these accs, just simple email me at, i'll give you Pair-a-Dice contact number. yay! :)