Friday, September 6, 2013


Hi guys! I'm back, if you guys follow me on my Instagram, you should've known that I'm on holiday hehe but I'm working instead of going on a vacation. *proudface* I never thought working life would be like this. I mean, it's really fun but tiring at the same time. I barely have enough time just to go get my lunch and dinner but that's okay. Luckily, my schedule today wasn't very tight so, I got time to visit Market n Museum at Grand Indonesia. Yay! 

*sorry for the bad quality pictures* TT^TT

here's a bonus, silly picture of me eating my favorite chirasi salmon :9
K's Nail Art
I received a set of nail art from K's Nail Art, I was very happy when they told me they want to send me a set of nail art >.< Click the photo above to see more nail arts that they have made. You can actually customised the design. Yay!

2 booths that catch my eyes at Market n Museum, Grand Indonesia. 

 unbranded top and skirt // H&M socks // Dimepiece backpack // Underground creepers // LINF choker // 1979 necklace // KeenEthic hairclip


  1. Hello from Spain: I like your outfit. I adore the color of your nails. Keep in touch

  2. love your nails!

  3. Cute Gaby is cute! Print roknya lucu bgt <3

  4. Lucu bgt gab backpack nya <3 Good luck with your work! :D x

  5. Your nailsssss <3


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