Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Making of POND'S #Perfect10 Webseries

No, this isn't an outfit post m(¬0¬)m 
 I'm so sorry the quality of the photos are quite bad ._. 

Some of you who's following me on instagram should've known about this web series. Well, let me tell you guys how I join this series on the first place. It was late August if I'm not mistaken, I was checking my email then there's one email from muvila asking my contact number for a project. I replied the email then the next day they told me about the web series, they attached the script and asked me to come to their office for a casting. Then I came,  I supposed to come with one of my college mate but she didn't come so I was all alone, but then when I reached their office, there were 4 to 5 pretty girls ready for their role. They seemed prepared, fyi, I wasn't. I was a little bit nervous because I didn't know what am I supposed to do <(。_。)> But then, I met Chia a.k.a Kitten Dust. She's so cute and very good at acting. I have zero experience in acting -,- Based on the casting on that day, I didn't even dare to hope they'd pick me. but then, they did. I remember, I was with my mom when they called me. I was shocked and happy. Happy because I get to experience something I have never done before. So yeahhhh.... enjoy some of the photos that we managed to take.... and if you're wondering if this web series is the project i've been blabbering about this whole time, the answer is yes :) 

Our Prom Scene ;D
Some of the photos belong to Muvila and Chia from KittenDust

You can watch the series here!
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  1. I watched yo first eps! And you're so cute theree.

  2. shoo cute and lucky! you're the most unique girl on there. Um, btw, I saw you in Goods.Dept Lotte mall. Aaa, I was so excited that day but I tried to be normal :p

  3. super cute and fun! :)


  4. cute ci !! looks super fun ! :)

  5. ci, suaranya kalo ngomong kawaii banget sih :3

  6. I've watch! you're kawaii ;))

  7. omyagad gabby.. you met my long lost friend Marcha natika.. dia apa kabarnya ya?


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