Sunday, November 3, 2013

CLEO Fashion Award with Lenovo

I went to CLEO Fashion Awards accompanied by the hi-tech smartphone, Lenovo S820. Since a pro-canera is not allowed from the sitting area and Lenovo kindly gave me this smartphone with amazing camera so yeah... 
The first photo is from House of Jealouxy, the look is the definition of perfect. I love how they accessorize the look. The second pic is from Fréj, the winner of CFA 2012. I've always been a fan of their collection. Their collections are always out of the box and one of a kind. The last photo is from Massicot, the winner for 'the most promising accessories brand' of CFA 2013, I'm a huge fan of their collection, I have some of their necklace on my collection and wear it almost everyday and never get bored of it. 
Enough talking about the awards, I'm still amazed with Lenovo's camera. It captured picture very fast and I didn't miss any of the look at the show (too bad I can't post it here on my blog). The contrast and the brightness of the pics are already perfect as well, so I don't even need to edit the pic. It is very nice to blog on the go or maybe just to crystallize every moment. The phone is very light as well, the battery life last quite long compared to some other smartphone I ever used. I took pictures and tweeting in 2 hours non-stop and the battery is more than 70%, how cool is that? If you're looking for a smartphone, try Lenovo ;)


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