Friday, June 28, 2013

Bad Witch

 Pop In Rush vest // Becky Berry weed top // Abocs shorts // topshop socks // Adidas x Jeremy Scott shoes // Greedy Sassy rings // EMS Project bracelets // Hater snapback // unbranded bag and necklace // KeenEthic badges. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Lazy Oaf x Nasty Gal tops // Abocs shorts // UNIF koop shoes // Topshop belt & daisy ring// Kreepsville 666 bag // Greedy Sassy rings // Nasty Gal choker 

What I wore to Nikicio show last Saturday. I was wearing the tights that I got from Ci Gricia, I love it to the moon and back!! You guys know how much I love this kind of thing, right? It's pastel and got cute prints on it. How can I not love it?! The eye-bag? it's been on my wish list for months and I finally got it. Yay!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Nikicio Fall Winter 2013/14

I went to Nikicio Fall Winter 2013/14 Morning Presentation with Rosalinda and Kak Lulut last Saturday. It was awesome as usual. I managed to take a few snaps and a video so you guys can see their latest collection. I'm sorry for not-really-good-quality-video, but it available in HD.

Did you notice that the models came out of the lift? Cool, isn't it? I really love the concept of the show, everything is well prepared (*_~)v What do you think about their collection? Because, there's nothing that I don't like. I want everything *cries* I only managed to buy their leather snapback, fake turtle neck, and 'sleepy' tops (you can find it on The Goods Dept), but I'm drooling over their White Coat with Fur Panel, Forest Green Moto Jacket, and also their mini skirt with wavy hemline. Which one is your favorite?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Preview: H&M Autumn 2013 Collection

Reine Cassandra (left) H&M Showroom Manager & Karina Soegarda (right) H&M PR Manager

H&M finally arrives in Indonesia! H&M, the international fashion retailer known for its stylish and affordable fashion at best price, is set to open its first store at Gandaria City, Jakarta this autumn >.< 

The first H&M store in Indonesia will open at one of the most popular malls in South Jakarta, Gandaria City, which spreads across 2.400 square meters. Spanning two levels of prime retail space, Indonesia's first full concept store will offer a wide variety of latest, affordable fashion trends without compromising quality, design, and style. 

The H&M store opening will introduce the Autumn 2013 collection: Drama with a tomboy spirit for women's collection and contrasting shape and new tailoring for men's collection. 

More H&M stores will follow suit at Pondok Indah Mall, with a store spanning 1.700 square meters, and the flagship store in March 2014 at Grand Indonesia, with a total size of around 4.000 square meters. 

I went to their showroom earlier today, to see their Autumn Collection. The theme for their Autumn collection is "Drama with a tomboy spirit", which I really adore (eventho it's not my style but they're all gorgeous) Anyway, H&M Autumn Collection 2013, presented first on the catwalk of Paris Fashion Week, and debuting in around 200 stores worldwide on September 5, as well as online. Created by H&M's own design team, the collection mixes tailoring with glamour to create contrasts full of tomboy spirit. 

I tried on a few pieces, #1 the super cute - stripes crop top, #2 a super cute navy blue skirt, #3 the boots with gradient heels (which look like the smaller version of my UNIF Das Boots). They're all so cute and comfortable and also stylish at the same time. I wish I could just bring 'em home lol I can't wait for September, what about you guys? :P

ps: Bonus  Pict ~  from my Instagram with kak Filikh ;D
Style Nanda dress // Converse shoes

Monday, June 17, 2013


Topshop top // Zara bag // UNIF shoes // Candelopops socks // Karl Alley snapback

I don't know what is this tshirt called, but it's everywhere. From oversized tshirt to crop top and then dress ._. I was looking for a comfy oversized tshirt when I saw this at topshop, so I bought it straight away. Since it's oversized and the material is quite good. So yeah..
Anyway, I went to GD concert yesterday with Kak Adelle from Silly Smartass, it was awesome and I really enjoyed it even though I don't even screamed and jumped lol. Can't wait for GD's new album in August >.<

Friday, June 14, 2013

It Bums Me Out

Nikicio top // UNIF cap // unbranded garter legging // Zara metallic Satchel // Jeffrey Campbell freda boots // Tar Mafia necklace

Hi! Good AM everyone! I am now sitting in front of my college building, yup writing this post for you guys and I really am tired, I miss high school life. There's no way I could go home before 7pm these days and it's really tiring. I got tons of assignments yet I still need to do other things. Yesterday, class dismissed at 4 and I went to see my dentist until around 7, then I still need to attend Galeries Lafayette Grand Opening at 10. Got home at 12 and I still have class in the morning D; Thank God it's Friday so I can have me time <3 p="">

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Star Wars

Basic Space dress // Nikicio jacket // Topshop tights // Jeffrey Campbell  freda boots // Asos beanie

I've been looking for this cross stocking in every topshop store in Jakarta but never found one :( but then, when I was strolling around topshop central park, I saw this stocking and it's on sale! so, I bought it right away.
Anyway, If you guys follow me on Instagram, you should've known that I dyed my hair back into blue-ish purple by myself hihi.. yup.. I dyed my hair by myself. It's not my first time. I used to do that when I was still in high school. Well, I dyed it into purple because I want to cover up my black roots, I don't want to bleach my roots (at least until next month) I want to give my hair a break lol

Monday, June 10, 2013

It shines brighter than a diamond

I know this photo is blur but I like it, so I post it anyway :P 

Topshop bralet // Glad News tattoo top and skirt // Romwe socks // Buffalo x Solestruck shoes // Pluffy's Choice cap 

You may have seen this pair of shoes on this post, this pair of shoes is just sick. I'm in love. The chunky soles are not heavy. At all. Seriously, if you guys are looking for a chunky sole shoes, I'd totally recommend Buffalo to you guys. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Live Simple. Dream Big.

UNIF pastel moto jacket // High Heels Suicide cupcakes top // Unbranded skirt & necklace // New Balance shoes.

Hello everyone! I just got home and yeah.. very tired. Thank God it's Friday, which means tomorrow is a day off, yay! Last week has been really hectic ._. I got classes on holiday, what can be worse?

Anyway, I got featured on NYLON May 2013 Issue and LOOKS June 2013 Issue. hihi 

Go grab 'em guys hehehehe See you there! xo