Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We Build Then We Break

Tar Mafia necklace // Claire's gloves 

The last scene of our photoshoot ;D What do you think of this look?

Lately I've been thinking about the content of this blog. I realised that I only posted about my daily outfit pictures, It's been a year since the last time I posted a haul post. I was thinking about keeping this blog as my outfit journal so I stopped posting stuff such as haul, beauty, and I even stopped posting my insta feed post. The reason I stop posting those stuff is because I want to become a bit more (ehm) pro. Like no random stuff, just outfit post. Now, I realised that it's just so wrong and I really miss posting those kind of post. Should I go back to the old blogging style or should I just stay this way? 

Pond's Acne Complete Solution

Jadi, minggu lalu aku diundang sama Pond's untuk dateng ke gathering yang diadain oleh Pond's, mereka juga memperkenalkan produk terbaru mereka yaitu Pond's Acne Complete Solution. Gatheringnya sendiri berlangsung seru banget soalnya ruangan dimana gatheringya diadakan itu dihias sedemikian rupa hingga terlihat seperti sekolah, disana juga ada kantin, lapangan basket, mading yang juga dijadiin Photo Booth, juga ada UKS yang jadi tempat kita semua belajar cara mengatasi jerawat dengan benar dan dikenalkan dengan produk Pond's yang menurut ampuh buat ngatasin masalah jerawat kita.


(left) Dr. Eddy Karta SpKK (right)  Debora Gondokusumo 
Nah, ini dia UKSnya ;D

Jadi di gathering ini kita ngebahas soal masalah kulit yang umumnya dialami sama remaja ;p (and now i feel old) yaitu kulit berminyak, kulit kasar, berkomedo, wajah beruntusan, warna kulit tidak rata, kulit merah, jerawat, dan yang paling nyebelin.... noda bekas jerawat. Disini, aku belajar banyak soal ngerawat jerawat dan 

Most of them are beauty bloggers, cuma aku sama kak Lulut yg fashion bloggers ;p

*Bonus Selfie* ;P


Ini dia isi goodie bag dari Pond's. 10 things you need to survive school! 


1.) Note Book, Pen, and Pencil 
2.) folding fan and fancy earphones (must have items on my bag back then when I was still in high school)
3.) Compact Mirror (well, siapa sih yang gak demen ngaca? :p)
4.) Candies

5.) Multi Action Facial Foam + Scrub

Ini produk favorit aku dari Pond's Acne Complete Solution, facial foam ini mengandung Salicylic Acid, Herbal Clay, Gentle Scrub Beads, dan Brightening Essence untuk mengatasi 10 masalah kulit yang sudah aku sebutkan diatas dan juga untuk mencerahkan kulit >.<
Kenapa aku bilang facial foam ini favorit aku, karna aku sudah coba sendiri selama seminggu ini dan cocok banget buat kulit aku. Kebetulan akhir-akhir ini kulit wajah aku tuh lagi banyak banget jerawatnya, setelah pulang dari gathering-nya aku langsung nyobain facial foam dari pond's >.< hasilnya emang gak langsung keliatan, well ga ada yang instant girls~ kemarin aku mulai sadar kalo kulit wajah aku udah balik seperti dulu jadi lebih cerah dan jerawat sama komedo juga berkurang. Seneng banget deh. 

6.) Pimple Cover & Care Concealer Pen

Nah, yang satu ini juga gak kalah dari facial foamnya, ini jadi must-have concealer aku sekarang. Walaupun hanya tersedia dalam satu shade tapi bisa dibilang cukup bisa untuk blend-in dengan warna kulit gelap maupun terang. Yang bikin aku suka sama concealer ini itu selain meng-cover jerawat tapi concealer ini juga merawat jerawat di waktu yang bersamaan. Ini solusi untuk kita yang punya kulit berjerawat dan ingin menampilkan kulit  tampak bersih bebas jerawat. Wajib banget buat dibawa kemana-mana sebagai instant acne survival kit ;D

7.) Overnight Pimple Care Gel

Yang satu ini digunakan pada saat sebelum tidur, gel ini berfungsi untuk mengurangi kemerahan pada jerawat dengan cepat, merawat radang and mempercepat keringnya jerawat. Semenjak dapet gel ini dari pond's aku selalu pake gel ini sebelum tidur, dan bener banget~ jerawat jadi cepet kering >.<

8.) Oil Control Cleansing Wipes

Kalo yang satu ini wajib banget buat dibawa kemana-mana. tisu pembersih khusus dengan oil catchers yang efektif mengangkat kotoran, minyak, dan sisa make up dari kulit wajah dalam sekali pemakaian. Praktis banget buat kita kalo lagi di sekolah atau jalan-jalan karna setelah pake cleansing wipes ini kita gak perlu bilas lagi. 

Seneng banget deh bisa nemuin produk yang pas untuk mengatasi jerawat jerawat menyebalkan ini >.<

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Monday, August 19, 2013


platform top // UNIF vapor hat, harness shorts, sore eyes bag // Converse sneakers // LINF choker

Tired, that's how I really feel right now. I really need my normal sleeping time back :( holiday please come faster. Anyway, what do you think of my new snapback? My mom bought it for me coz she said it's cute and she likes it. Well, the harness shorts are also my current favorite shorts, look at the harness >.< My mom said, she'd wear it if she's still at my age and she bought it for me TEEHEE (it's already in my wishlist since UNIF launched it mom, thank you!)

I've been wearing these babies from converse ever since my mom bought it for me last week, it's super comfortable to wear all day long and goes well with (almost) everything. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Broken Doll

thrifted top // stylist's skirt // Dr. Martens boots // Glad News choker // Claire's gloves

These photos are part of my last photoshoot, yup I was helping my friend for her final project. I know I look super fat, please excuse my fat ;P 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Are We Getting Closer, Or Are We Just Getting More Lost?

Aiiness's top // Bonvieux skirt // Claire's lace gloves // Glad News choker // Converse sneakers

If you follow me on Instagram, you should've known that me and Ines had a photoshoot with rock theme ._. and yes, we're helping our friend for her final project. You know what? They provide me MUA and hair stylist but we were running out of time, so I styled the hair on my own lol~ It needs a lot of effort, if you see it once again you might notice that it's super messy (^.^)
I wish I could do this kind of photoshoot everyday, by that means I could post good quality pictures everyday *smirks*

Friday, August 9, 2013


I accidentally wore the same shoes with Ines on that day, we're both wearing JC Stingers lol~ 

Jenneth Clothing top and skirt // Crystanista necklace // UNIF spacer pack // Jeffrey Campbell stinger 

This is what I wore to Lookbook Jakarta gathering last week, we're arranging a garage sale guysssss~ and yes! I'm joining, The details will be posted when everything is confirmed. I'll announce it via Instagram and Twitter. Yay!

Monday, August 5, 2013


Ellesse shoes // Snidel x Vivi top // Nikicio shorts // Topshop sunnies and socks

This is probably the simplest outfit I ever post here hehe~ I'm so into comfortable clothes lately, I've been busy with assignments lately and comfortable outfit is a must. From top (this one I got it for free from Vivi Japan July issue), bottom, and shoes, they're super comfy I should say. Especially the shoes, it's a cut-out sneakers, It's super comfy and I can wear it all day long. Totally worth the price, not to mention they're quite affordable hehehe 
The shorts from Nikicio is one of my current favorite shorts, it fits me perfectly, the fabric is nice, the color is lovely. I just can't say no~ ^^