Sunday, September 29, 2013

All Eyes on You

The Editor's Market top // Gabrielle's Clothing skirt // WW bag // Nike roshe run black metric // Aeroculata bangle

I wasn't in the mood for something colorful like what I usually did. I didn't even put my make up on because my left eye is swollen (if you guys notice) and it hurts. I was thinking about simple and not too much accessorizing outfit. Well, Pairing this crop top that I got from The Editor's Market with and plain black skirt + a Nike roshe is really simple and comfortable.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Eye For An Eye

Unbranded top & bag // UNIF shorts and shoes // House of Holland sunnies // Greedy Sassy & Monstore rings

I wore this outfit to Galeries Lafayette x Nylon bloggers styling competition two days ago. Found this gold sweater at GuangZhou, the moment I saw this sweater I thought it was going to be expensive but it turned out to be really affordable >.< I really love the gold colour and the material is quite good as well. I paired it with shorts and grail platform from UNIF. Black and gold can never go wrong right? >.<

Anyway, thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! I appreciate every single one of it ;") and I also wanna say thank you for keep reading and visiting my blog. *hugs*

Monday, September 23, 2013


with Eric >.<

 Curious akicha jacket // Riot Barbie playsuit //  MCM x Karl&Craig backpack // UNIF cross trainer // Nasty Gal choker

Adarga x Ruby Gloom
 clothesap top // UNIF Skirt and Cross Trainer // MCM x Carl & Kraig backpack // Zara beanie 

 Forever21 top // Shop at Mignon shorts // UNIF cross trainer // B BE BEE  necklace // MCM x Carl & Kraig backpack // De Voice snapback

I'm so happy! >.< I met Eric from B Be Bee, a bit upset because I didn't get to see Ruby but that's okay.    I was shocked when Eric said he'd open the store just for me ;p B Be Bee Store was technically closed, but then he told me to come and yay! I get to buy a super cute choker, made by him (ofcourse). It was nice meeting you :) Hongkong was awesome and I can't wait for another trip to HK.
Well, today is my 19th birthday.... No!!!! I don't wanna get older :( I wanna stay 18 forever :( well, 18th has been the best year of my life, hopefully 19th will be better.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

8666 Mickey + New Video!

Platform top // UNIF bag and shoes // LINF choker

These pictures were taken last week by my mom, when we went out for lucnch. These past few days were crazy. My schedule was fully packed. I have to wake up really early, like 4.30AM and I got home at 3.30AM for almost 5 days. Can you guys imagine how it feels? Trust me, I'm feeling like a zombie. I'm not complaining, It's my own decision after all. I feel blessed I could do all of the jobs that I've done, because I learned a lot. I also met lots of awesome people. It was a really fun experience. I'm pretty sure I won't regret anything :)

Here's a bonus! A video of me doing my daily eye makeup! Hope you guys like it! ;D

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Something to Believe In

Lazy Oaf dress // MCM x Carl and Kraig backpack // Ego and Greed shoes / LINF choker

This is what I wore today. I got this oversized Lazy Oaf dress from a local store, I was shocked when I found this dress on a local store, I mean.. hello~ there's Lazy Oaf here in Jakarta. I'm thinking about making a shopping-guide post. Should I make one? Like where I go shopping and stuff? What is my favourite store? If yes, should I make it in photos or video? hehe