Thursday, November 28, 2013


 Lunar Cult  choker // Labdagatic eyes bracelets // Platform top and bottom // O-Mighty alien backpack // Vans x Hello Kitty sneakers // Lefemmebelle eyeball necklace

This is what I wore yesterday to attend LaSalle's event, fashion bloom. Please excuse my tired-no-makeup face (^.^)v  Anyway, the yin yang choker is from my latest sponsor Lunar Cult, have I told you that I love yin yang too? I'm collecting yin yang stuff and for now, I'm waiting for my yin yang shaped backpack to arrive.

I have a lot of stuff going on right now~ I hope everything will run smoothly so I can announce the good news to you guys. kkk~ Until next time ❥

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Vaseline Serums

Minggu lalu aku diundang sama Fashionese Daily ke acara launchingnya Vaseline Body Serums. Acaranya sendiri diadain di Marquee Executives Offices, Cyber Tower 2 - Kuningan. 

Seperti biasa, acara dimulai dengan beauty quiz yang sudah disediakan oleh vaseline >.< tujuan dari beauty quiz itu sendiri untuk menemukan Vaseline Serum mana yang pas untuk kulit aku. Setelah kita bahas sedikit soal beauty quiznya dan kita juga nyobain satu satu vaseline serumnya. I personally love the texture of the serum. It is very light dan kalian gak bakal ngerasa lengket seperti kalian pake body lotion biasa. Selain itu, it smells really good! Seriously!

Ini dia nih Vaseline Body Serums! Jadi, vaseline body serums itu ada tiga jenis, Vaseline healthy white SPF 30 PA++ serum, Vaseline total moisture nourishing serum, dan Vaseline healthy white perfect 10. Masing-masing serum punya keunggulan massing-masing lho! Kalo buat kamu yang banyak menghasbiskan watu diluar rungan dan terjemur sinar matahari, disarankan pake Vaseline Serum yang mengandung SPF 30 PA ++! Supaya kulit kamu terlindung dari sinar UV A dan UV B! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) Kalo untuk kamu yang banyak menghabiskan waktu didalam ruangan ber AC, disarankan pake Vaseline Serum yang Nourishing alias yang kuning! Supaya kulit kamu tetap lembab walaupun berjam-jam didalam ruangan ber-AC. (´∀`)♡ Nah! kalo Vaseline Serum yang Perfect 10 itu untuk menjaga keremajaan kulit. Setelah ngisi that simple quiz I mentioned before, aku ternyata perlu yang nourishing, karna aku banyak menghabiskan waktu aku didalam ruangan ber AC, jadi aku butuh serum  yang bisa menjaga kelembaban kulit aku. Kebetulan banget ya! yang nourishing itu favorit aku, soalnya wanginya itu fresh banget!
Kalau kalian kira-kira perlu yang mana? 

Ini dr. Eddy Karta, dr. Eddy lah yang menjelaskan ke kita gimana caranya menjaga kulit dengan baik supaya tetap lembab. Karna sebenernya kulit itu salah satu bagian terpenting dari tubuh kita, maka dari itu kita harus merawat kulit dengan baik dan benar. Kalian gak mau kan punya kulit bersisik? atau kulitnya cepat keriput? hehehe ヽ(ヅ)ノ Menurut dr. Eddy, sebenarnya mengaplikasikan body serum atau body lotion itu bukan cuma sehabis mandi atau sebelum tidur tapi kapan saja. Disaat kamu mulai merasa kulit kamu kering, kamu bisa mengaplikasikan lagi body serumnya. Supaya kulit kita tetap lembab. Jadi, rajin-rajin ya pakai body serum! :) 

Jangan lupa follow twitter Vaseline Indonesia  ya untuk tips seputar kulit lainnya! 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What a Girl Wants

Lee Cooper denim dress and parka // Cambridge Satchel Co.  satchel //  New Balance shoes // Petriciaeure necklace

I fell in love with this pink parka on the first time I saw it. It's just so cute! I'm a sucker for a parka, especially when it's pink. I gotta have it. The material that they're using is perfect for this sweater weather, you know... you can still wear it when you're outside but it keeps you warm when you're in a super cold room, like my class-,- Well, for the dress, I always love cute and simple dresses, why? because when I don't know what to wear, I always wear a dress.

The necklace is from my loyal sponsor Petriciaeure, they sent me another 3 heads of ghoul. I can't wait to wear the other heads. Some of my friends think that my necklace is creepy, but I like it! This is my second pair of new balance, my first pair was the pastel 574. I wasn't planning on buying a new shoes but when I saw this on Goods Dept, I know I should buy it. It's pink and purple and it's super comfortable. You know, I always bring a substitute shoes in my car just in case I need to change my shoes, I don't want to abuse my feet by wearing heels all dog long, so I have to make sure that the substitute shoes is comfortable. 

Lee Cooper Event

Head to Toe in Lee Cooper

I was invited to Lee Cooper Indonesia to their new concept store at Mall Kelapa Gading 2, last week. It was really fun to style their latest Autumn Collection, they also let me try some of their collection. In the first picture, Rosa, me, Kak Bethanny, Mitha and Kak Lizzie were all dress up in Lee Cooper from head to toe. You can see from their new store's concept that their collection is now very up to date yet still classic, which means you can wear it anytime of the year even if it's an autumn collection. They're using paisley prints for the woman's collection which is so 'in' right now. I've seen paisley print all over the Internet these past few weeks. They still have their regular items as well. Their denim dress and parka is my favorite from woman's collection. Moving on to the man's collection... I like wearing man's stuff, because of the cutting and sizing. I will definitely come back for their man's jeans. I'm in love with the slim fit check base denim (you can find the picture above). It's so cute! a denim with a check base, I'd totally wear it! I'm not a big fan of long pants, neither jeans, but this one totally stole my heart away. 

anyway, the dress.. the one that Rosa is wearing, it's a man sweater. How cute is that?! The parka that Mitha is wearing is also man's collection. I wish I could just buy every piece of their collection. That'd be awesome! (ps: their price are quite affordable) I can't wait to share with you guys, how I style their denim dress and pink parka.

Twitter: @LeeCooperIndo

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Star Line

Nikicio fake turtle neck //  Nasty Gal dungaree top // UGLY asymmetric outerwear // Uniqlo skirt // Zara bag // Pull and Bear beret (gifted) // Marina Fini necklace // Jeffrey Campbell lita

Went to J`Music LAB earlier today, to watch amiaya make up demo by Stella Lee. kkk~ actually the main purpose is to meet ci Stella ;p The last time I met her was last year I guess, she's getting prettier and cuter ヽ(^o^)ノI also met ci Comi and she's really cute in person, she has a perfect long hair as well (ʃ_⌣̀ )/|| It makes me miss my long hair~ I'm thinking to get a hair extension, what do you think? Should I go for it? ( '́з'̀)

The beret that I'm wearing has a small star details, which is very cute and I like it. It is a birthday gift from AIINESS (ノ^_^)ノ Thank you twinzy~ me suff you to the moon and back ❥ I got the dungaree top from Nasty Gal on sale kkk~ I've been eyeing on Rihanna x River Island dungaree top but they're sold out quite fast, so when I saw this cutie on Nasty Gal a couple months ago, I knew I should buy it but I didn't buy it right away. I checked on Nasty Gal a few weeks later then I saw this cutie on sale so I bought it right away ヾ(*д*)ノ゛

The necklace that I'm wearing is my current favourite~  I saw Ruby (one of my favourite icon from HK) wore the same necklace a couple months ago but I didn't know where to buy it, I thought it's customised necklace. Luckily, I found out that it's from Marina Fini, my current favourite jewellery designer. If you guys are into cute and unique jewellery, you should check Marina Fini~ ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

I've Had Enough

Grandy sweatshirt and choker // unbranded skirt // UNIF bag and lost sole boots // Hater snapback

What I wore last monday to work, received this super cute sweatshirt from my new sponsor grandy, I've been eyeing for this sweatshirt for months and I was wondering should I buy it or not but then, they sent me this. I really think it's a perfect timing, because it really matches my hair ^^
The bag is from UNIF, I'm madly in love with this bag, I can use it as a backpack and a sling bag as well, I can also use it to take selfie ;p It's also big enough to bring all of my stuff. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

All That Matters

The Stylish by Sallyns top and flats // unbranded skirt and necklace

I took these photos before I dyed my hair into blue and forgot to post it here, sorry ;p Anyway~ My new sponsor, The Stylish by Sallyns sent me this top and flat shoes right when I need it. I really love the simple top they sent me with the gold cross details, it's something that you can wear almost everyday. You can pair it with a patent leather skirt like what I did to make the top look fancy ^^ 

Twitter: @thestylishshop
BBM: 2A0658D

Thursday, November 14, 2013


I'm currently addicted with this new app called MOMAN XIANGJI. The app is so cute, it's a caricature maker app. Have you tried it? 
these two are my favorites ^^ 

For iOS user:

Anyway~ if you use WeChat to save your creation and share it on twitter and mention @wechatid, you might get a special prize. 

So~ Don't forget to share it on twitter and mention @wechatid using hashtag #MOMANWECHAT. There'll we 10 souvenirs for the most unique creation! ^^

Monday, November 11, 2013

Kawaii Badass

gifted top // JuizyWoozy bag and jacket // unbranded skirt // YRU qozmo platform // B Be Bee smiling weed necklace

I got my top from Ines!!! It says Kawaii Badass, I like it thank you so much nes~ btw, I wore this outfit last weekend to watch Kak Ario's theatre performance. He was superrrrr cool, I'm amazed. After I watched their performance, it makes me want to learn japanese. Yes, it was a Japanese theatre performance, the title was 'back to the sengoku'. 

My super cute bunny bag is from Juizy Woozy, my loyal sponsor. They sent me a few items, and the bag is my favourite! Why???? It's a bunny and it has pink blush!! it's so adorable I could puke rainbow *lol* well, i'm not kidding..... the quality is good. by saying good, I mean good! the stitching is good, the materials, the style, everything is perfect! I love it! I rate it 9 out of 10! My varsity jacket is from Juizy Woozy as well, I always bring a jacket or a sweater everywhere I go these days and this jacket is one of my favourite even since it arrived. The fabric is not that bulky so you can bring it in your bag easily and the colour is just so me, I love the combination of black and tosca. Anyway, if you are not familiar with Juizy Woozy, it's actually a Japan kawaii pop culture brand based in Indonesia. Their collection are ready to wear, casual, but kawaii! I love everything from their collections, I wish I cold buy them all! *lol* 

Instagram: @juizywoozy
Twitter: @juizywoozy
bb pin: 73CADD35
LINE: juizywoozy

- eX Plaza Indonesia: Entertainment X'nter Level 2 #17. 18F. Jakarta Pusat, ph (021) 3157845
- Mall Kelapa Gading 3: Fashion Hub Lt. 2 #2A-02. Jakarta 14240, Ph. (021) 4585379
- Lippo Mall Karawaci: LG #41A Ph. (021) 54211528
- Pondok Indah Mall 2: Melrose & 3rd street, South Sky Walk Lt. 1 No. S130
- Summarecon Mall Bekasi: 2F-138. Bekasi, Ph (021)