Saturday, January 25, 2014

#SelfieStory with Lenovo VIBE X

First of all, let me introduce you to my new smartphone, Lenovo VIBE X. It's the latest smartphone from Lenovo, I heard it's the combination between their K and S series. I've tried using their K series and it's so good and when I received this baby I can't wait to start using it. 

What I love about this phone that it has a quite big screen. I always love phone with big screen because I like to watch video or movies on my phone (It's easier to bring a big screen smartphone rather than bringing your tablet, right? ). 

Did you know that my baby X's rear camera is 13MP and the front camera is 5MP? I was very excited when I knew about this. Now you understand why the post title is #SelfieStory right? With 5MP on my smartphone I won't need my pocket cam to take a better selfie, all I need is this baby. I don't need any filter on instagram or any other photo editing apps, just because the front camera is that good. *sayonara camera360* Well, The rear camera also good. It has a lot of filters, from fish eye, sepia, tilt shift, pop-art, and so on. 

The size of Lenovo VIBE X compared to my iPhone 5s. Yes, it's bigger but I think the size is perfect because I don't have trouble holding it with one hand and typing with one hand. So yeah... I really love my new phone :3 

Since I've been talking about the front camera, here's some comparison of Lenovo VIBE X front camera and iPhone 5s front camera. Tell me which one do you prefer? ;D  

(left: Lenovo VIBE X, right: iPhone 5s) 

and some selfie hehehehe :3

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  1. Lenovo's front camera is beter than iphone 5s look so cuteee ♥

  2. Your lenovo's front camera better than your iPohne camera. And you look so cuuute ><

  3. Your lenovo's front camera better than your iPohne camera. And you look so cuuute ><

  4. definitely gonna try the giveaway because the camera looks sooooo perfect>.<


  5. super interesting! lenovonya lbih bagus gab d sni
    btw look so cute here! <3<3

    Ruby and Rosa

  6. kawaiii!! always love your looks ^^

  7. wihhh hasil fto nya bagus banget livvv. anw you look so cute !!

  8. superior result! Kalo yang foto gabby tetep aja hasilnya cantik hehee

  9. ahhh,itu beneran Gab?? Jernih bangetttttt...
    ikutan giveawaynya ahhh..



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