Tuesday, March 25, 2014

25 Things You Didn't Know About Me

So I haven't posted anything for a while now and I've seen a lot of other bloggers doing this, so I think why not?

1. I wish I could get taller. 

2. I hate drama.
3. My height 163.5 cm
4. I love takoyaki (so much)
5. I hate long pants.
6. I am a very shy person.
7. I'm collecting hangtag/price tag.
8. My goals this year are to graduate and accepted in my dream Uni. 
9. I like shopping on the kids/men's department. 
10. Unlike any other girls, I don't really need cakes/sweets/desserts. (but ice cream is fine ;p) 
11. I don't share foods. (even with my friends, sorry ;p) 
12. I don't trust people easily. 
13. I am a total Zombie (on school days) but I love sleep so much I could sleep all day long on holiday. 
14. The first bag that I got with my own money is my Proenza Schouler PS11.
15. I have a very sensitive eyes, so I need to wear glasses. 
16. Most people thing I'm a 'not-caring' person because I'm a very chilled or laid back person.
17. I have more than a hundred pairs of shoes. 
18. I'm collecting cute socks. 
19. I don't like road trips.
20. I like collecting cute diaries but I clearly have no idea what should I write in it. 
21. I don't have many friends, as I said I don't trust people easily. 
22. I've always wanted to live in small city with chilly weather and nice neighborhood. 
23. I really want to get navel piercing.
24. I hate it when people ask me about personal things, like religion and stuff when I barely know 'em.
25. I don't really enjoy hanging out with bunch of people.

Tell me yours ❤


  1. cute outfit!


  2. And now, I know about u gabby ;)
    Wihh knp suka men's dept?

  3. Thank you for sharing your fact, btw your header is really cute!

    With love,

  4. You look adorable! Especially love the phone purse. ♥‿♥

  5. hihihi waaa good to know a little facts about u gabyy >.<
    good luck for your goals to get in at your dream uni..
    anyway the new look of your blog is totally cute and so youuu <3<3

  6. seru seru main "25 things you didn't know about me"
    kita terbalik di nomor 9, aku suka belanja di women's departmen :p
    kalo nomor 17 sih pecah koleksi sepatu kamu emang juara
    i have a question, kenapa ga suka pake celana panjang?

    Mr. Rebel in Town

    1. hehehe kalo legging aku masih suka sih tapi kalo celana panjang tuh aku anti banget, sebisa mungkin aku hindarin soalnya aku pendek, kalo pake celana panjang jadinya pendek banget :(

  7. I like knowing more about you and thank you for sharing... I have always wondered why you hated long pants now I do understand from your answer above ^^^^^

    Aku juga suka liat-liat di children's wear department tapi jarang yang bisa muat... Goodluck and I really hope that you will be in your dream UNI soon

    Oh it would be really fun if you tag fellow bloggers to do this 25 facts thing though!


  8. I love your new header! <3 stay cool ya! ;)


  9. u should share with us pict of ur shoes!!

  10. Waaaaa 100pair of shoes?!!!gosh>< you really should make a post about your shoes collection<3
    I think we have soooo many similarity !! Iya bangettt for number 12 10 9 16 18 21 25:D
    but for the opposite is number 20 if i have money to buy those expensive-than-house books, i would transform them into a cute scrapbook about my life ><
    oh yahhh aku suka banget background + template kamu yg baru, keren banget sumpah:3:3

    BTW, check it out!<33 Adventure of P-chan!!

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  12. ice cream is fine too for me hahaha ...
    btw, love your new header <3

    This is real and This is me

  13. wowwww~ you must have a bunch of shoe boxes piling up in your room eh? x3
    btw what a cite jumper you have there :')

    cheer, michelle

  14. Point 17, i dreamin' it also happen to me :')
    i've just seen your blog and love all the new things here, haha



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  16. one of a kind ci Gaby ♥ love your style


  17. Wah kak gaby suka belanja di men's dept? :O padahal baju baju nya lucu lucu smua hihi


  18. We have quite a few similar, how strange. Though I don't actually wish I was taller, I kind of wish I'd stop growing.

    The Quirky Queer

  19. Thanks for sharing :))))

    The Cutielicious

  20. good to know a little facts about u gaby and good luck for your goals to get in at your dream uni :D

  21. the last one.. true that! hehehe xx


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