Monday, June 30, 2014

My Gel Nail Experience at Nobu Salon

I'm pretty sure you already know what gel nail is but let me explain a little bit more about gel nail polish, gel last longer than the usual nail polish. Gel manicures are glossy, unlike the usual nail polish, that's why I prefer gel.

The nail artist

These photos above are some of the options that you can choose, they launch new designs every month.

Look at how ugly my nail is :s 

and ta-daa! my nails became super cute and adorable >.< the melting and topping part is hand-drawn by the nail artist but the ice cream part is a sticker. She did it perfectly. Neat and clean. Me limey :3

Nobu Salon
Citywalk Sudirman Lt.2F # 23
Jalan Kh. MAS Mansyur No.121, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
+62 21 91271870


  1. OMG it's so cute! How much does the service cost if I may know?


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