Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Starry Light Magic Eye Tape by Stella Lee Review ❤

I promised you guys this post since last year, I know I have been a really bad blogger this past few months. It's been really hectic, if you guys haven't already know, I have moved to Bali. So yeah, it was really hard for me to post something here but, I made something for you guys and it will be up real soon on my youtube channel.

Okay enough with my story because I will talk about it in another post :p Now, let's talk about Starry Light Eye Tape. You guys know I'm an eye tape user right? I've been searching for the right one, by saying the right one I mean something comfortable and something less visible than the regular eye tape also known as scotch. 

I am so happy ci Stella brought this amazing eye tape to Indo, she gave me a pack to try whether I like it or not and ever since she gave it to me, I always wear it every single day. LOL who doesn't want to look a bit prettier? right?

Here's my how my eyes look like without the eye tape.

and here's how the packaging look like, so cute right? 
the eye tape

and here's some selfie for you to see how my eyes look like with the magic eye tape :3

 You can tell that my eyelid is more visible and it doesn't look like I'm wearing an eye tape at all. That's what I like about Starry Light. It's so natural and the price is quite affordable too :3 
Thank you ci Stella Lee and Starry Light for this amazing Eye Tape!


  1. The eye tape is so good right? I also love it to the extend mesti hemat2 pake mungkin minta kirim dr jakarta..TT^TT it looks good on you btw! :D


  2. the tape really did a great job! :D

    cheer, michelle

  3. Amazing lovely blog :)


  4. love how the eye-tape works for you and looks like Bali agrees with you! :D btw, love your selfies. have you tried the new selfie app for iOS and Android called Fotoku? it's cute. you might be loving the frames :D


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