Thursday, February 26, 2015


Hi everyone! I know it's been a long time since I talk to you guys. As you know, I have moved to Bali and yes I am still adapting. Bali is different (which makes me love Bali even more) the locals, the lifestyle, the food, everything is just different (in a good way). I am enjoying my life right now and it doesn't mean I'll stop blogging but I haven't got a wifi in my villa in Bali (I'm currently in Batam) that's why I haven't put anything up here and I'm so sorry, I fell really bad neglecting this blog. I promise I'll try to make post regularly like I usually did back then and make exciting content, such as my daily life in Bali, my outfit post, a place to visit in Bali, and videos (in case you don't know, I started vlogging, you can check out my youtube channel here and you can subscribe if you want to). I haven't take a pictures of my outfit for weeks, in the mean time.. enjoy my everyday make up routine video that some of you requested on my Hope you guys like it!

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